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HAPPY HEELS DAY -50% | Free Shipping

    No more heel discomfort, enjoy the natural pleasure of walking freely

    Wether you are wearing casual shoes, high heels, sport shoes or boots this is your solution that you've been missing.

    Discover why they love it


    I constantly had blisters on the back of my heel, since I bought this simple but amazing product my life has changed, what a relief to be able to walk without pain. I walk without compensating for the pain and therefore I have a better gait. it’s really crazy to think that such a simple product can give you back your confidence while doing a basic activity which is walking. I recommended it to a good friend of mine and she is equally happy.


    I randomly discovered this product and truth be told I was a bit skeptical at first. As I was reading more information on the website I told myself it was not a big risk trying. I proceeded to order and wow did I not regret it. It’s so comfortable that I can go without it and plan to order a couple more for my other pair of shoes. Thank you Snugheel !


    Very effective product. easy to install and stays in place perfectly. What I liked about it is that you can adjust the size to perfectly fit your shoes by cutting it to match your shoe size. You can also stick it to the front of the inner sole to add more padding. I also used a pair for one of my son’s shoes who were a bit too big for him, he’s very happy with the result. We really love this multi-purpose product, whether it’s for more comfort or size adjustment I totally recommend this product.


    For some reason I often have had sensitive feet and pain with most shoes, Snugheel has been an epiphany with my feet issues. I use it daily in most of my shoes and couldn't be happier with the comfort it gives me. My husband, who frequently goes hiking says that it’s a game changer for his long walks. highly recommended.


    Dress shoes and heels always left a sore or blister on the back of my ankle and they would hurt so bad. I put these in my shes and I’ve not had a blister since! The adhere really nicely inside the shoe and so far they’ve not moved one bit on me. When you’re wearing your shoes with these on you can’t even tell you have anything in your shoe by just looking at it. These are an absolute lifesaver!


    I have these lovely heels but for some reason as the day progresses they get bigger and bigger on my feet. I really didn't want to donate them, but it was truly hard while walking to keep them on my feet. I ran across these and so far they working. To keep them from rolling down or moving when I put my feet in the shoes, I use my finger to press against the inserts so they don't roll down. I like the fact several come in the packet. Good value for money.


    Bought for a pair of shoes I love but stopped wearing as my heel flips up out of the shoe. Put this in and voila! I can wear the shoes again. Super comfy on the heel! I tried all sorts of pads that didn’t help. Def give these a try!


    Have a pair of relatively expensive boat shoes to wear without socks in Arizona. Previous couple of tries had resulted in a very uncomfortable ankle/heel blister despite a preventative band aid and attempting to break down the shoe's heel stiffness. Shoes had been put away on the shelf.

    Finally got around to buying some heel cushion pads. These are perfect. Easy to place and adhere and shoes are now totally comfortable for extended wear/walking. Good price. Will now use on other shoes to assure more comfort. Should have gotten them sooner.


    This particular product is a new favorite. It curves to easily fit the back of my shoes and helps me with preventing potential blisters in a new pair and slippage in an old pair. They have great staying power and they keep me comfy and confident whether my shoe wants to slip or just is a little too rough on the back (from canvas in a new pair of Skecher Bobs, etc.). Highly recommend them!


    Snugheel offers the comfort and pain relief you have been looking for thanks to it’s well designed and carefully crafted cushy pads giving you maximum protection against blisters and skin irritations.

    Healy® is unisex and fits all type of shoes : Casual shoes, sports shoes, High Heels and Boots.

    Everything does eventually wear out and everyone's use and habits are impossible to predict.That said your Healy® should provide that extra comfort that prevents chafing of the heel for quite a long time. You can always decide to remove an old one and use a new one if necessary.

    Don't worry you have 30 days to test your Healy® in total serenity.


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